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Our Mission

Early Years at TIPS (PreKG, LKG, UKG)

Our Early Years Programme spans three years Prekindergarten, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten and nurtures the young child's curiosity, develops creative problem-solving skills and inspires confidence to approach new situations with skills and independence.

Our students acquire knowledge in a caring, creative and open-minded environment with a strong emphasis on individual learning styles. The children enjoy a warm and caring environment where they interact with their peers and nurturing adults in a variety of activities. The activities and experiences provided for the students are designed to capture their interest in learning, encouraging them to be creative and at the same time to satisfy their desire to explore and discover.

We uniquely combine the Inquiry Approach and Montessori philosophies of education to:

- Teach to a variety of learning styles geared to meet the individual needs of the child.

- Allow for individual learning and for learning in a social context.

- Support cross-curricular teaching so a child can make connections with different areas of education.

- Learn the importance of character development.