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CIE - Cambridge International A/AS Levels

Cambridge International A/AS Levels are internationally benchmarked qualifications providing excellent preparation for university education. They are part of the Cambridge Advanced stage.

Every year, thousands of students with Cambridge International A Level win places at good universities worldwide. As one of the most recognised qualifications around the world, it is accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide. Cambridge International A Levels typically take two years to complete and offer a flexible course of study that gives students the freedom to select subjects that are right for them. - they either follow a broad course of study, or specialise in a particular area.

Cambridge International A and AS Levels use a wide range of assessment processes and techniques to supplement formal written examinations - orals, practicals, projects and coursework of differing types are all used in various subjects where they are the most effective and appropriate means of measuring attainment.

Each subject that a Cambridge international student takes at AS/A Level receives a separately certificated grade. Cambridge International AS Level provides valuable feedback on performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses prior to any final assessment. Taking the Cambridge International AS Level examination part-way through the international A Level course provides feedback that learners can use to set learning goals for the second half of the course. It can also provide learners with the motivation and momentum to complete their programme of study

The choices of subjects offered are: English, Hindi/French, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Computing, and Applied Information and Communication Technology.

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