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Our Mission

TIPS Kochi - Middle Years: Grade 6th to Grade 10th:

CIE-IGCSE Curriculum: We offer Cambridge International curriculum in the middle years. In continuation to the inquiry approach, middle years involve learning by doing and application of the learnt concepts in real life situations. Students are well supported to achieve their potential and learning goals. We offer Science and Commerce related subject groups for further learning in grade 9th and 10th. Facilitators are well experienced and receive intensive training to update their knowledge and help the students.

ICSE Curriculum: We also offer widely popular and challenging Indian board from our middle years. Students may opt for ICSE exams for grade 9th and 10th or may continue with the International curriculum. Learning support is provided for both the boards. Students opting for ICSE would be guided by the trained and experienced faculty to succeed in the 10th Exams.