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Our Mission

Senior Secondary Program at TIPS (Grade 11 & Grade 12)

The Sr. Sec. Program at TIPS represents a passage from adolescence into adulthood. Students in this age bracket have acquired a sense of personal identity and self-esteem. They are very inquisitive, eager to stretch intellectually, interested in sorting out their full potential and quite willing to assume some form of independence.

The aim is to equip them with skills to participate actively and responsibly in an ever-changing and increasingly interrelated world with relevant knowledge database.

To meet this challenge, at TIPS we offer choice of curriculum from various Local/National and International educational boards which are recognized by universities around the world. The choice is provided to cater to the individual needs and future goals of the students. The students are advised by the experts to provide ongoing support for academic, personal, extracurricular and post-secondary options.

Along with this, we offer a healthy array of extra-curricular programs in the arts and sports and encourage participation in a wide assortment of clubs and other activities including Environmental, Newspaper, Yearbook, Model UN, Drama, Band, Interact and others.